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Velvets Cream Cameo and White Male Kitten (Camie) (Available)
Cream Cameo and White Male
Roxys Silver Tabby Male Kitten #1 (Bear) (Available) Silver tabby male kitten (Bear)

Velvets Brown Tabby With White Male Kitten (Tike) (Available)
Velvets brown tabby and white boy kitten (Tike)


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Miribu Cattery, founded in 1967 by the late Margot Mellies, MD, has been breeding American Shorthair cats of the highest quality for over fifty years.  Careful selective breeding programs have resulted in numerous champions and grand champions, as well as CFA regional and national winners.  The late Margot Mellies was a CFA licensed cat show judge - judging 1979 until 2008.  Her legacy lives on through her dear friends Peggy Prah (Miribu co-owner) and Kelly Ratliff (friend and cattery manager) who continue limited exhibiting in local and national cat shows. 
The Miribu facility consists of Miribu, owned by the late Margot Mellies and Peggy Prah, Ashkits owned by Peggy Prah, and Ravenash owned by friend and cattery manager Kelly Ratliff










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