GC RW Miribu's Entertainer

Entertainer was a small and frail kitten at birth and had a terrible time as a kitten. He would not nurse in spite of the the frantic efforts of his mother Gerow's Hello Dolly. He was such a pretty little thing that I was determined to save his. He was quite willing to be fed by me. Fortunately, the combination of Dinner by Margot and Diaper by Dolly worked very well and after the first shakey few days ET held his own and slowly began to gain. At a very early age he learned to make his wishes known to any human that came near and would loudly announce his wish to be fed. This wasn't a terrible burden since he was so eager and happy to be fed that it was an easy task.

As he grew, he retained his strongly positive response to all things human, and would come as close to people as he could; a favorite spot was draped across the shoulder of his favorite peopls.

ET was a fun cat to show. He loved to be out of the cage and would sit on the grooming table cheerfully watching everyone that would pass by OR when he had enough of that would curl up in a cat bed on top the cage and sleep between judgings. How we used to envy his peaceful slumbers!

Sire: GC RW Miribu's In the Mood II.

Moody was a lovely silver tabby that came along, as usually the best males do, when you are absolutely convinced that you DON”T need to keep another male. Indeed, this was

what I had decided and Moody spent his early years and show career with a friend, Ginger Wheeler in Atlanta. When I lost his father, Robt.E.Lee I asked Ginger if Moody could come back to me and she was gracious enough to allow that to happen. Moody

was a big cat with an extremely broad and massive head but also with large beautiful eyes.

Dam: Ch. Adam's Rib ASH Wednesday

Ashes was the second patched tabby to be registered when this color was recognized for

championship status. I had been talking to Adam Frecowski about getting a kitten from him and visited to see what kittens were available. After Adam died, Stan made sure that I got the lovely kitten I had selected. Ashes provided the wonderful full face and large wide set eyes that is essential to the sweet look of an American.

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