GC RWGlory Daze

It has often been my experience that repeating a breeding gave disappointing results. This certainly was not the case with the breeding of GC RW Kintoi's Gold Rush Daze and Satiricat's Color Me Autumn. I've repeated the breeding twice and it has produced 5 grand champions. When Glory granded it "DM'd” his mother which in turn "DM'D” his grandmother, Banchory's Brown Sugar.

When Glory was born he had the most incredible, glorious copper brown color I had ever seen. In fact, if it weren't for the black pattern, I would have wondered if I didn't have a red tabby. Glory was the operating term and in keeping with the pattern of naming the offsping of Gold Rush Daze some type of Daze name he was, naturally Glory Daze!

Glory was shown as a kitten in region 1 but I really had no plans to show him after he granded. He went through a "gangly awful” period around the time that he became an adult, at 8+ months. At about a year of age he looked very good to me, so I arranged for my friends Tetsuya Okuda and Sunni Inami to show him for me at the International show. He did extremely well at the show and Tetsuya offered to show him for me in Japan.

Glory did gloriously in Japan. In Japan the competition in the American classes is very strong, but his rich color, dramatic pattern and good balance were greatly appreciated by the judges.

Sire: GC RW Kintoi's Gold Rush Daze of Ashkit, DM aka Shadow, has very consistently produced kittens with warm lovely color and a wide-eyed sweet look. Although not a large cat, he is well balance and very solid.

Dam: Ch. Satiricat's Color Me Autumn, DM is one of two Satiricat's cats that have had

strong and important influences on Miribu. Autumn has a vibrant rich color that

she passes along to her offspring, rather patched or brown tabbies.

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