GC NW Miribu's Primary Colors, aka "Rocky” is an incredibly colorful compact bundle with an attitude! She came by her call name when she went to live with Ellen. Ellen's alpha cat in her household walked up to Rocky and gave her a swat to establish dominence with the newcomer. Rocky sat back for abvout 30 seconds then stood up a gave a hard right cross worthy of her namesake. She remains "Rocky” to this day, although as is usually the case, once she has shown she can't be bullied she seldom has any altercations.

Somewhat the same happened in her show career. Ellen took her to California for her first show at age 4 months and a minute. In her very first ring, the judge decided that she was

"too extreme” for her tastes and DQ's her! I got a frantic call from Ellen but before we

could make any drastic decisions about her entire career, the next ring called SH kittens and Rocky was awarded Best ASH Kitten and subsequently Best All Breed Kitten and highest scoring kitten in show.

That DQ was possibly one of the most influential events in Rocky's entire career. We were determined now to try to show everyone this lovely kitten. Judges and exhibitors alike wanted to see this "extreme” kitten, and found her to be very much to their taste. She was highest scoring kitten in many of the shows of her kitten career and gained a national win. Thanks Suzy.

Sire: GC RW Satiricat's Boy George, DM was one of two cat that I got from Laurie Satir

in return for giving her Ch. Miribu's Georgie Porgy. Oliver was a gentle but very experienced stud when Rainbow came to visit. We had planned to breed Rainbow

to another male, however, she would have nothing to do with OUR decision. Finally

in desperation we decided to see if Ollie could get the job done. Cagey fellow that he

was, he waited patiently on the shelf until Rainbow got close underneath then dropped down and got the job done before she could get away. Afterwards, she must have decided

that wasn't so bad and they partied for t he next several days (until I said "enough is enough”)

Dam: GC Miribu's Over the Rainbow, aka Ray-Ray is the product of two of my most favorite cats: Red Letter Daze and Molly Malone, the founder of the Molly-line. Molly was famous for producing lovely kittens that she loved furiously for the first 4 weeks of like then telling them to take a hike! Most of Molly's kittens th erefore were supplemented or otherwise hand raised. While this is great for socialization of the kittens, it is awful for the owners sanity and that probably explains a lot.

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