GP Miribu's IQ, aka "Q Soprano”

Gold-eyed White American Shorthair

Cat Fancier's Association Registration #702-1052892

Q successfully plays the part of the psychiatrist's large white cat. A Soprano's staff member was discussing with his house-mother, Ellen Schneider, the possibility of one of her bulldogs appearing on the show when Q meandered into the room to see if FOOD was being considered. Astounded by Q'size and demeanor, Ellen was asked to bring Q to the HBO studio for consideration for the part of the psychiatrist's alter-ego! Q was an instant success! He has poise, control and is totally unflapable.


Sire: GC RW Satiricat's Boy George, DM


Boy George aka "Oliver” is a regional winning Grand Champion

Brown Tabby American Shorthair who has CFA national and

regional winning cats in every generation in his pedigree. This

includes CFA's first Distinguished Merit American Shorthair,

GC Sandef's Robt. E. Lee, DM. and GC Hedgewood'e

Greatest American Hero, CFA's Cat-of-the-Year. Oliver

completed the prestigious distinguish merit achievement this


Dam: Banchory's Snow Cloud


Cloudy is a gold-eyed white American Shorthair. She also has a distinguished ancestry with many national and regional winning cats including

Cat's Magazines All-American Cat-of-the-Year, GC Joelwyn Columbyan

and top-winning CFA cats such as GC NW Adam's Rib Chicago Fire, DM

GC, NW Adam's Rib Pippin, DM and GC NW Rhettoric's Justin Tyme, DM.

Cloudy is now spay and is the treasured pet for the Johnson's in Pennington


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