GC NW Miribu's Red Letter Daze

This was the first time I bred GC RW Kintoi's Gold Rush Daze and Satiricat's Color Me Autumn. I've repeated the breeding twice and it has produced 5 grand champions.

Red is NOT my most favorite color in cats. Most of the time the color is more orange or "ginger” with little distinction between pattern and ground color. In addition, I always thought the coat color clashed horribly with the pink nose leather.

I knew of course that I could get red tabbies from Autumn, but hoped for mostly browns and patched. When Red was born, his pattern color was dark and vibrant red with extremely pale ground color. There were times as a baby when the extreme color contrast almost made him look like a cameo. It took several weeks before the ground color came in and the pattern darkened further and I decided that, like it or not I was keeping this red cat!

At shows, it is not uncommon for the spectators to turn to look at silver tabbies being carried through the showhall. This was the first time I had seen that kind of reaction from exhibitors and spectators alike for a red cat.

Red did well as a kitten and after a lot of thought I decided to show him to the highest win he could achieve. It can be very difficult to show a young male who is just discovered GIRLS!

Red was certainly no exception and keeping him in condition was a real challenge.

Sire: GC RW Kintoi's Gold Rush Daze of Ashkit, DM aka Shadow, has very consistently produced kittens with warm lovely color and a wide-eyed sweet look. Although not a large cat, he is well balance and very solid.

Dam: Ch. Satiricat's Color Me Autumn, DM is one of two Satiricat's cats that have had

strong and important influences on Miribu. Autumn has a vibrant rich color that

she passes along to her offspring, rather patched or brown tabbies.

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