Cats for Adoption

Miribu Cattery maintains a population of cats for adoption.  For a small fee to cover expenses these cats need a good home.  These are some of the cats that are available.  If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more information.


Whole Cats for Adoption


Grand Champion Miribu's First Noel of Ashkit

Blue Patched Tabby with white whole female cat: Noel 

Female - Born 03..08.11
Blue patched tabby with white
Sire -  Pumba
Dam - Winter Wonderland



Ashkits Dusty

Brown tabby male whole cat for sale.  Breeder Male. 

Male - Born 04.14.16
Brown Tabby
Sire -  Ravenash Brownie
Dam - Madison
Fudge is an extremely friendly cat.  Not proven.


CH Ravenash Finley
Red tabby whole male cat - Ravenash Finley

Red Tabby - Male Born: 09.27.16
Sire:  Cecil
Dam: Ravenash Velvet
Finley is very sweet.  Proven.


Ravenash Hiho Son (to be retired)

Silver Tabby whole male cat - Ravenash HiHo Son

Silver Tabby  Male Born 4/30/09
Sire: Miribu's Hi Ho Silver
Dam: Ravenash Masquarade
Hiho Son is very sweet and is proven.  We have gotten great kittens from him.


Ravenash Mr. Mistoffelees "Momo"
black and white bi color whole male cat - Mr. Mistoffelees "Momo"

Black Smoke With White  Male Born 7/13/13
Sire: Ravenash Hi Ho Son
Dam: Ravenash Masqurade
Momo is very sweet, but is all boy.  Not proven.


Gracie- Torti whole female cat for sale

GC Ravenash Gracie (Adopted)
Female - Born 06.24.15
Sire -  Ravenash Hi Ho Son
Dam - Ravenash Flower
Gracie is very sweet.


Diamond brown tabby cat

Ravenash Diamond (Not for breeding)
Female - Born 05.25.12
Brown Tabby
Sire -  Ashkits Teddy
Dam - Ravenash Rainbow
Diamond likes to hang around wherever you are.  She's lazy, quiet, and like to lay around and sleep.  She is being retired from breeding.


Ravenash Jem (Not for breeding)
Female - Born 05.25.16
Silver tabby
Sire -  Tofu
Dam - Ravenash Roxy
Jem is very independant and likes to do her own thing.  She will do well in a mature adult home.


Brown tabby male whole breeder cat for sale. 

Ravenash TJ

Male - Born 05.24.12
Brown Tabby
Sire -  Ashkits Teddy
Dam - Ravenash Rainbow
Not proven.


Alice black whole female cat

Ravenash Alice (Not for breeding)
Female - Born 02.19.13
Blue silver tabby
Sire -  Jasper
Dam - Vada
Alice is a very sweet cat and needs lots of attention.  She would do great as a single cat or with a partner.


Delilah tortie cat female

Female - Born: 05.12.16

Sire - Ashkit's Pumba
Dam - Ravenash Flower
Delilah is a very sweet cat and loves kitty cuttles.  She is a lap cat and loves to have lots of attention.  She is a small female cat.

Prim Rose Black and White Bicolr whole female cat

Ravenash Prim Rose (Adopted)
Female - Born: 9.26.16
Black & White bicolor

Sire - Cecil
Dam - Rainbow
Prim Rose is a very friendly kitty and will make a great pet or add to a current breeding program.  She cannot be shown due to a kink in the tip of her tail.


Scarlet Red dabby and white whole female

Scarlet (Not for breeding)
Female - Born: 03.08.11
Red Tabby with White

Sire - Ashkits Pumba
Dam - Miribu's Winter Wonderland
Scarlet is a very independent but friendly cat when she wants to be.  She is quiet kitty and does her own thing.  She is not for breeding.


Ravenash Frankie (adopted)
Female - Born: 6.24.15
Smoke Torti

Sire -
Dam - Ravenash Flower
Frankie is very sweet and loves to be around people.  She is great around other animals and is very well behaved.


Ravenash Smores (adopted)
Female - Born: 10.15.05
Brown Patched Tabby

Sire - Ravenash Josh
Dam - Ravenash Gingersnaps
Smores is an older girl.  She is very sweet and loves to be petted.  She is well behaved and gets along with everyone.


Ravenash Rainbow in the dark (adopted)
Female - Born 10.19.10

Sire - Jasper
Dam - Ashkit's Belle
Rainbow is sweet and likes to see what's going on.  She has had some nice babies. She is not show quality, is well behaved, and fits in well with others.


Spays and Neuters for Adoption


Winston- Cream Tabby and white male cat for sale

Ravenash Winston
Male - Born 09.27.16
Cream Tabby and White
Sire -  Cecil
Dam - Ravenash Velvet
Winston is very sweet.  He is one of our special needs kittys because he has had eye surgery to fix his eyelids and needs extra eye car.


Brown tabby whole male cat - Brownie

CH Ravenash Brownie
Male - Born 10.17.09
Brown Tabby
Sire -  Ravenash Andrew Jackson
Dam - Ravenash Cupcake
Brownie is sweet, but independant.  He is not a hold me or lap kitty, but he loves petting.



Black smoked cats 

Ravenash Whiskers (back) & Dark Night (front)
Male - Born 05.12.16
Black smoked
Sire -  Ashkits Pumba
Dam - Ravenash Flower
Both are very sweet cats.  These two great cats love to hang out wherever you are.


Brown Tabby Cat "Fudge" 

Ashkits Fudge (Adopted)
Male - Born 04.14.16
Brown Tabby
Sire -  Ravenash Brownie
Dam - Madison
Fudge is an extremely friendly cat.  He loves to climb up on your lap to be petted and he purrs really loudly.


Ch. Ravenash Fireball
Red tabby whole male cat - Ravenash Fireball

Red Tabby American SH Male Born 10/17/09
Sire: GC. Ravenash Andrew Jackson Of Ashkit
Dam:  Ravenash Cupcake
Fireball is shy but he is sweet.  He is proven and has nice babys.

blue silver tabby duncan
CH. Ravenash Duncan Hines of Ashkit
Male - Born 09.20.08
Blue Silver Tabby
Sire - Ravenash Let the Sun Shine in.
Dam - Ravenash Sprinkles
He's friendly, sweet.  he's pet quality.

Duncan is show quality.


Nemo cream tabby male cat

Ashkit's I'm Nemo Too (Adopted)
Male - Born 08.19.11
Cream Tabby Cameo
Sire - Tofu
Dam - Ashkit's Rosie
Nemo is a big boy cat, independent and sweet, but wants to be the big cat in the cattery.  He is well behaved and would do well in a multi-cat home or a single cat home.  He is a very big boy cat.



Ravenash Leo  (adopted)
Male - Born: 7.5.14
Silver Tabby/White
Sire -  Miribu Woody
Dam - Ravenash Roxy
Leo is super sweet and loves the attention of children.  He is well behaved.  He lost an eye due to an infection as a kitten.


Lenny cameo tabby and white neutered male cat for adoption

Ashkit's Lenny
Male - Born 05.02.13
Cameo Tabby/White
Sire -  Tofu
Dam - Ashkit's Scarlet
Lenny is shy with new people, but likes to hang around to see what everyone is doing.  He is a big boy cat who loves to hang around you and loves to be petted.  He is a shy kitty around strangers so will take time and patience in a new home, but will make a great pet cat for someone willing to give him time to get to know them.  He is a more dominant male, but would do great in a single cat home.  He is well behaved

Catalpa Morning Glory of Ashkit  (adopted)
Female - Born 08.06.10
Silver patched tabby
Sire -
Dam -
Glory is very sweet.  She is a house cat and gets along with everyone including the house dogs.  She is very well behaved.


Ch Beauchdor Smokey Joe of Ashkit (adopted)
Male - Born 03.17.04
Black Smoke
Sire -
Dam -

He is very sweet, well behaved, and gets along with everyone.