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It's possible to attain additional titles beyond "Grand," and these cats generally have achieved  regional (RW) or national (NW) recognition.  Out of the thousands of cats that are entered in shows each year, only a small percentage of cats are recognized by the CFA and other organizations as "grand" specimens of their breed. 

In addition, Miribu has produced lines that have achieved top cat awards in other countries.  An example of this is GC RW Miribu's Mac Hanaichi Momne (Japan Best Cat), the offspring of GC RW Minamiza Ichiroh of Mac, DM


GC.,RW. Ashkit's Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy)
  • Brown Tabby American SH Male Born 06/11/03
  • Sire: Karibe's Rossario  Dam: CH Koro's Ameritime Tonight Of Ashkit

Champion and Grand Champion Offspring