To become a champion requires 6 winners, which can be won without competition. Cats that belong to "minority breeds or colors" (ones where you don't see many in a class) easily achieve championship. They simply don't have a disqualifying fault (or don't have one that the judge finds).

You can get points within a class. The cat/champion getting the purple ribbon (Best Champion of Breed) gets a point for each champion in the class defeated. Unless there is a huge class, this s a SLOW way to grand, although it has been done. The QUICK way is to final. The BEST CHAMPION gets a point for each champion present and competing (the number of champions are counted). 2nd best gets 90% and 3rd best gets 80%.

The Central Office keeps track of the number of points that each cat shown has accumulated and issues a GRAND CERTIFICATE when the total reaches 200 (or 75 for premiers).

People with very good cats continue to show with the idea of achieving a REGIONAL or NATIONAL award (one of the top 20 or 25 cats shown that year based on cumulative point counts). This is called CAMPAIGNING or RUNNING the cat, and it is a difficult and expensive proposition.