New Kittens

Miribu Cattery maintains a seasonal population for sale ranging from "pet quality" suitable for a loving individual or family to "show quality" which are cats considered to have champion/premiere and grand attributes.  Some cats might be midstream in their show career and have continued title potential, while others might be retired from show circles and are ready for a more domestic lifestyle.  Some are "breeder quality" that are not considered showable, but have genetic characteristics that are used favorably in Miribu's breeding  programs.   Miribu has American Shorthair tabby, torti, patched, bi color, with white, solid, dilute, calico kittens of all colors.  The new kittens are below:


Guidelines for new Cats/Kittens.  Updated 6/19/11


Most breedngs are done early in the year (January through April) with litters born nine weeks later (March through June).

Occasionally females are bred in late summer with litters are born in the fall so that there are kittens available around Christmas

I plan to have about 10-12 breeding females after my move to North Carolina. I generally breed the females about once a year.

Please contact me to obtain information on CURRENT KITTENS. I will provide digital pictures (.jpg) of the current kittens.


Also, I often RETIRED cats that I no longer be breeding or showing that will be available for "adoption." I very much like my altered retired cats to live the good life as a person's or a family's special pet.