Pine shavings

I adopted this approach after I learned about it from a dog breeder turned cat breeder (Banchory Kennels--a "famous" name in shelties). I liked the light weight, the good deodorizing capabilities and the fact that the pans can be totally changed very frequently.

When I participated in the FIP Seminar at US-Davis, I talked with Dr. Nels Pedersen about Cattery maintenance and the recommendations in his book of that title (available through CFA or bookstores). They use shavings in their cat colonies there. The best way to minimize transmission of infection/contamination from use of a common litter pan is to change the pan daily.

I think most people who have cats are spoon fed litter solutions that they see on advertisement on, the clumping clay litters.

The only drawback is that the shavings cling to the fur and so it "tracks" (gets scattered around outside the litter pan). Since it is very light, the cats can turn even a large pan over if they stand on the rim. That gets messy. It vacuums easily, however.