Here is the construction of the Tryon Cattery
Click here to see the finished cattery

Click on the images, below, to see more detail of Miribu's construction of the new cattery.  Click here for a bit of an oops we had VIDEO AVAILABLE TOO!

Pictures include the following:

Site preparation
Retaining walls
External walls, roof
Internal framing

We have relocated to Tryon, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina.  To accommodate the cats, we with our friend Josh have constructed a NEW CATTERY building, with indoor-outdoor runs for the males and the “community”.

The building is approximately 1200 square feet.  There is a large “kitten room”, an airy space for the community (adolescents, adults and our “old timers”) and 5 indoor- outdoor runs for the males.  Each area has cat trees, shelves for lounging and 24/7 access to fresh air via pet doors connecting outside runs.

The Cattery building is now complete with minor details we are still working on.  Check it out!

Here's some video footage too:

Note:  Videos are big and will take awhile to load approximately 3-5min

Finishing Touches To Drive Josh Helping With Trailer Part 1
Finishing Touches To Drive 2 Josh Helping With Trailer Part 2

Here's where you can get the player if you have problems viewing

Ground breaking

Prepairing for a lot of work

Josh cutting down a tree

Nice work with the backhoe!

Like a hot knife through butter

Most of the dirt we will use later to fix the driveway

Dump Truck

Nice form

Working with bobcat

Wall of dirt

Nice Work!

Laying of gravel

Finished for the day

Making the form for the concrete

Ahh, the concrete is finaly pored

Second pic of concrete

The first delivery of wood

Workers starting on the frame

Wow that was quick

Framing right side

Framing left side

The roof is finaly covered and the framework inside is started

Wrapped up nicely

Siding is installed

Doors and windows

Wet floor from the rain

Our new utility sink

This will be very helpful when bathing Brandy.


Drywall is being installed

More drywall work

Drywall is finished

Sophisticated Lock

Storage Room

Cat Kitchen

Laundry and Utility Sink

Nice big open space.

We used a nice gloss paint and special wallboard that goes halfway up the wall for protection and sanitation. The floors are specially designed for easy cleaning and non skid for our protection. Also weilded seams protect the floor. We had the floor installed 6 inches up behind the wallboard so there are no issues with leakage into the framework

Caging for male runs has been installed

The caging is made out of aluminim frames and lobster wire caging to last for many years

More male caging

A shot from the back of the main room


Nice metal doors will last a long time with kitty doors installed inside.

Pic of wall board

Ventilation is important

We have three vents venting outside to help with air quality

Hotwater heater control

New hotwater heater only operates when we use hot water and has a convenient control inside