Tour the NJ Cattery

Click on the images, below, to see more detail of Miribu's CFA cattery of excellence.  

As is the case with Miribu, most "catteries" are attached to a person's (ie, breeder's) home......which is probably the best from a care standpoint. Miribu also takes precautions in the cattery to handle emergencies.

The Cat Runs

A long walkway opening into outdoor runs where our cats get fresh air, exercise and review their wins.

The Main Kitten Cage

One of two fourteen foot long Main Kitten cages where cats are managed for breeding, weening, and separation.

Side Kitten Cage

A double-decker cage on the other side of the room from the Main Kitten Cage, above.

The Main Cat Tree

Located above the feeding area, where our cats "hang out".

Feeding Time

Food served 24/7.  Principally dry food (Iams, Royal Canan, etc), with an occasional treat.  Approx 25 cats are swarming around in this photo.

Litter Pans

Located around the periphery of the main cat room, our litter is always fresh pine-shavings completely changed regularly rather than re-used clay. Ms. Mellies uses the generally accepted practice among breeders to employ "pine shavings" as litter.   Click here to find out why.

Sun Bathing Rooms

And when Kitty can't make it to the shore for the weekend, we have these full-featured outdoor areas that have cat trees and various toys for entertainment.

Bathing Area

Cats only need a bath roughly once a year and on special occasions  (eg, shows).  Here's were we bathe and groom our cats. Shown here is recently Granded "Jean Luke" (304 points in only one show!!!!).

Try to make this bed!

A bed, located adjacent to the main cat room, is a favorite location for cats to catch-up on the latest gossip.  Margot finally put a real bedroom in the cattery where she always sleeps (rather than in the basement, family room or whatever room was turned into the cattery!) Wanna join us????

Ego Boosters

These NW and RW ribbons are strategically located in the cattery just to remind the cats how beautiful they are!