Tour the North Carolina Cattery

Click on the images, below, to see more detail of Miribu's CFA cattery of excellence located in Mill Spring, North Carolina.

As is the case with Miribu, most "catteries" are attached to a person's (ie, breeder's) home......which is probably the best from a care standpoint. Miribu also takes precautions in the cattery to handle emergencies.

The new cattery was put into operation in January 2004.

Site Entrance

Mill Spring, NC

Overall Site

Here you see an overview of the facilities.  The left wing is dedicated to the cats, while the right side and lower level are for humans (and cats also!).  In the background is Lake Adger.

Outdoor Runs

Several Outdoor runs provide the cats with Fresh Blue Mountain air.  T'was a very cold day in NC, so only a few brave cats dare to venture outdoors today.

More Runs

Additional outdoor runs along the side of the house for a total of five.  Four for the males, and one large "community" run.

Cat's View

A majestic view of Lake Adger as seen from the outdoor runs.  Spoiled, aren't we :))?

Hallway to Cattery

This is one of many entries into the interior cattery.  The Proprietor, Margot, for example has a door from her bedroom directly into the Kitten room.   This particular door leads into the "kitchen."

Kitchen Counter

Feeding time is a couple hours away, and we have some early birds hanging out on the kitchen counter awaiting dinner time.

Bathing Area

A sink is also located in the Kitchen to serve as a bathing area.   Cats get a bath monthly, and cats that are shown are bathed a few days before the show.



The Fridge

For medicines and vaccines, a refrigerator is conveniently located in the Kitchen next to the doorway leading into the Kitten room


Kitten Area

Here's where the mothers raise their kittens until weaned.  In the distance, through the door, is the Kitchen.


Kitten Area Closeup

A closer view of the kitten cages, with several cats taking their afternoon snooze.


Female with Kittens

Here, "Raindrops" is taking care of her babies, which happen to be two weeks old.  For social reasons, kittens are allowed to stay with their mothers, which can last until the kittens are four to five months old.


Rest Rooms

Litter pans are located at the end of the Kitten area.   Pine shavings are used for litter, allowing frequent changing.  The cats ALWAYS have FRESH litter.


Male Area

The kitten area leads into the male area, where the whole males generally reside in their "runs" isolated from the females to avoid accidental breeding.   For breeding, the male and female is placed in the run.  Miribu generally keeps about four actively breeding males of various colors and attributes. This photo shows the interior access to the outdoor runs.   The feeding area seen in this photo provides dry food and water for the cat population.


Interior Cat Runs

Another view of the cat runs, where you see some of Miribu's whole males residing.


More Litter Pans

In the male room are some additional litter pans.


Wanna Hang Out?

Cat beds throughout the cattery provide "extreme" comfort.  Filtered water (background) is continuously available at several areas of the cattery.


Additional Cages

Additional cages are located in the Male room for convenience and isolation, as needed.  To the left of this photo you see the indoor portion of the cat runs.


Community Run

One of the outdoor runs are reserved for the population as a whole.  Cats are allowed to roam freely from the indoor cattery area to the outdoor runs.  It's a cold day in North Carolina, so the cats are snuggled comfortably inside.


Laundry Room

Adjacent to the male room is the Laundry room.  Cat bedding is routinely washed here.


Laundry Basin

In the laundry room is a substantial wash basin to handle washing of cat litter pans and the like.   To the right is the door leading to the male room.  To the left is a door leading to the driveway area; this facilitates bringing supplies into the cattery.


Isolation Ward

A spare room downstairs is being set up for an "isolation" area where new cats coming into the cattery are separated for a period to make sure they are well.   "Don White" cages will be moved into this area shortly.


End of the Day

And, we have here Miribu Cattery owner, Margot Mellies, enjoying a snooze with one of her cats!


Our New North Carolina Home is located at Lake Adger in Mill Spring, NC at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains.   

Planning for this contemporary-style home was started in the year 2000, with construction starting in 2002.  The home was approved for occupancy in January 2004.

Access Roads

Access to the home site is via fairly narrow, steep, winding roads, so DRIVE CAREFULLY!  In the distance, you see our neighbor's house.

Looking Down

Looking down from the access road, you see the overall home.  Peggy Prah (Ashkit Cattery) is just moving in.  Lake Adger is in the background.


Lighted Stone Posts delimit the entrance.  Now, you are not driving off a cliff :)) and the speed limit is 2 miles per hour.

And Down we go!

A view from the entrance.  To left is the main door.  To right is the Gazebo.  Below is the pond.  In the backgound is Lake Adger.


Our main entrance......complete with stained glass window and feline oriented doormat.

Fishing Anyone?

A fresh water pond with a flowing waterfall is one of many site features.

The Gazebo 

The Gazebo has convenient storage down below and a GREAT view of Lake Adger.  Picnic anyone?


At the rear of the house is a balcony that overlooks Lake Adger.  The balcony is off of the main floor.   Here you see the lower level, which includes bedrooms, computer area, and a guest suite.

Balcony View

Lake Adger from the balcony, with the Blue Ridge mountain range in the background.  Across the lake you see additional houses and the Red Barn Landing, the Lake Adger Community Center.

Balcony - N. View

A view looking north of the Balcony showing various pieces of furniture for gatherings.   Around the bend is a bar-b-que.

Balcony - S. View

A view looking south on the Balcony.  The cattery is on the same floor as the Balcony, and here you can see the cage frame for the outdoor runs in the distance.



A two-story Solarium is at the back of the home.  You can see the first/second floor interior balcony through the glass..


L. Adger / Solarium

The major part of Lake Adger is visible from the Solarium.  The downed tree is a result of a recent storm.



Cat paraphernalia collected over many years bring back fond memories for both cats and humans.


Brandy Keeps watch

Brandy, our German Shepard and Labrador mix, maintains law and order for folks as well as an occasional cat.



Outside runs are only a small portion of the cattery.  For more information about the cattery, click here.